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So, I did spend more time looking

Right outside my Garage is a Queen Palm that occasionally has a bird visiting.  Today I noticed an odd green patch in a green palm on a green flower pod.  Looking a bit closer, I saw it move.  It turns … Continue reading

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At Last

We were away for a few days and when I returned, the young heron had finally left the nest.  Now I can start looking for other things to shoot while I’m on my walk. Oh, wait, there is another pair … Continue reading

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Playing peek-a-boo with a Mangrove Crab

Mangrove Tree Crabs ( Aratus pisonii ) are cute little things. The local fishermen use them as bait and the Night Herons love them as snacks. I find them climbing in the mangroves along the nature walk in Ponce De … Continue reading

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Shooting action – New school

OK, even when I was shooting with the Crown Graphic, I envied the pro sports shooters with the motor drive to advance the film and someone elses money to pay for the developing. Now, every point and shoot will take … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement II

I already entered this challenge when it was announced using a picture which showed movement through blur.  But, you can also show a picture of movement by showing objects which logically are in motion yet, the captured moment shows them … Continue reading

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Around town

I took a short run to a couple of my favorite places in town. The History Park and a nearby golf course. The owls are still at the history park but, photographically, they are pretty uninteresting. Owls sit very, very … Continue reading

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A morning walk in Ponce De Leon Park, Punta Gorda

This morning dawned nice and cool, perfect for a walk in Ponce De Leon Park.  It wasn’t too early for the fishermen and I found this fellow and his sons casting nets off the beach.  Along the seawall, the Morning … Continue reading

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