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It sure is hot out!

Last week, I was headed down to Ponce De Leon Park whenI noticed this Yellow Crowned Night Heron cooling off in the Vivante pond.  You don’t often see wading birds actually immersing themselves like this but, I’ll just bet the … Continue reading

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The fatal squirrel?

Our city council has been considering some restrictions around the local eagles nest which I commented on in a letter to the editor.  The letter basically summarized some of the posts in this blog.  I did mention a photo of … Continue reading

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Flying things at the airport

I had to go to Southwest Florida International Airport today to deal with a luggage issue. I took the camera bag along to see what I could find around the airport to take pictures of.  Well, no unusual airlines or … Continue reading

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Snakes in trees

OK, snakes aren’t everybodies mostest favorite thing but, they are actually useful critters.  Even the venomous ones. On Friday, I was trimming one of my small palm trees.  I’m not sure of the type but, they are usually planted in … Continue reading

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Shooting Fireworks Displays

Well, it’s that time of year again.  In the US, the Fourth of July holiday will bring out the questions of how to take pictures of fireworks. The first thing to consider is a location to shoot from.  Watching fireworks … Continue reading

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MS-ICE – Microsoft Image Composite Editor

Well, I’m back from a holiday in the UK where I was using a netbook for image storage and occasional internet access. I don’t usually shoot panoramas as a matter of course but there are times that just cry out. … Continue reading

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