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Eastern Brown Pelicans – Pelicanus occidentalis carolinensis

While the Eastern Brown Pelican is still considered threatened in some states, it is doing just fine in Florida.  I see them everywhere around Charlotte Harbor although favorite places are Ponce de Leon Park, Placida, Fisherman’s Village and just about … Continue reading

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Yet another trip to Ponce de Leon park

Sorry, I really want to hit some other places but, demands of the season mean quick local trips for my morning walk.  There are a few other areas of Babcock-Webb that I want to introduce you to but, they’ll have … Continue reading

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Some good news on a bug picture

My local photo club is a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA).  We have begun to enter their club level contests for digital photography.  The club entry is six pictures from at least four different photographers.  This picture … Continue reading

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Feeding gulls

On the same day as the Green Heron was fishing in the post below, the gulls were also active. Unfortunately, the sun angle wasn’t as good for shooting the feeding gulls so there are not great pictures here but, some … Continue reading

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So, why carry a flash in the daytime? – Fill Flash

Southwest Florida has some brilliant bright days. Perfect for photography. If the sun is in the right position that is. In fact, bright sunlight brings dark shadows and a powerful flash is a useful tool for getting good shots which … Continue reading

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Green Heron – Butorides virescens – Right in my own back yard

I usually go out to the local parks and rural areas to find my birds and bugs. Today was a lot easier though. I noticed gulls feeding on a lot of small fish drifting in schools through the canal behind … Continue reading

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Ponce De Leon Park – Nature Trail

Ponce Park also has a small nature trail.  It’s basically a boardwalk through a mangrove marsh to a fishing pier along the entrance canal.   The first thing you will do is cross a drainage canal.  This is actually a good … Continue reading

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Ponce De Leon Park – the shore path

I’ve mentioned Ponce De Leon Park in Punta Gorda before.  The park itself is nice enough with a seawalled sunbathing area, boat ramp, picnic tables and the Peace River Wildlife Center.  But, walk to the end of the seawall from … Continue reading

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Shooting closeups – Extension tubes and bellows

One way to shoot closeups is to, well, get closer to the subject.  If you look at a normal helical focus lens you will notice that it is at it’s shortest when focussed at infinity and most extended when focussed … Continue reading

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