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Palm Beach County Nature Centers – Hypoluxo Scrub

This was the park I used as the terminus of my morning walk.  The days are getting shorter so it was fairly dark when I arrived.  The Hypoluxo Scrub Park provides both paved and sand trails for exploration and would … Continue reading

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A couple more unknowns

We’ve just spent some time in the north Georgia mountains near the North Carolina border. The weather wasn’t fully cooperative but I did find some interesting things on my walks. I noticed some specks of red in the moss and … Continue reading

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Hairy Maggot Blowfly

What a terrible name even if it is true. They are actually reasonably attractive flies. In trying to identify it, I discovered that you can tell the gender by the eye position. Today’s fund fact: The males eyes meet on … Continue reading

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V1 Telezoom size comparisons

In a couple of my posts now I’ve shown images with the Nikon V1 and Nikkor 55-200mm DX VR lens. I pointed out that I really like it on the body and was not concerned about it’s weight on the … Continue reading

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Thomisadae – Crab Spiders

The comment on the post below, from Chatou11, reminded of how much I enjoy finding and watching the Thomisadae which are one of the spider species commonly referred to as Crab Spiders or Flower Crab Spiders because of their hunting … Continue reading

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Spider webs and other things they do with silk

Everyone knows the iconic image of an orb weaver spiders web. Like this one from a golden silk orb weaver. But not all spiders spin webs like that. For example, here is a jumping spider I found this morning. It … Continue reading

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Yellow Crowned Night Herons – the babies are up

With a respite in our rainy weather from TS Andrea I walked over to the Yellow Crowned Night Heron nests where the mama’s were playing peekaboo with me. Today I found four babies who were finally able to stand and … Continue reading

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Odonata – Dragonflies and Damselflies

The moist days bring the dragonflies out as all of their small insect prey hatches. I see quite a few of them on walks now. Particularly along the mangroves. Here are a few shots from the last few days. The … Continue reading

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Yellow Crowned Night Heron – playing peekaboo again

There is a black olive tree on one of my morning walk routes that had two Yellow Crowned Night Heron nests in it. We had a pretty hefty windstorm the other day so I went that way to check on … Continue reading

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A Hairstreak Butterfly

I found this fellow in the Punta Gorda History Park. It’s a Grey Hairstreak. These have a bit of a disguise. The ends of the wing have little extensions that flutter about in the breeze. It almost look like there … Continue reading

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