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Zebra Longwing – Heliconius charithonia

The Zebra Longwing is the Florida state butterfly. I suspect that the butterflies are unaware of the honor but, they are a pretty little insect. They are woodland butterflies so, don’t often get seen in the pine flatwoods but, wherever … Continue reading

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Hathaway Park – West entrance, Punta Gorda FL

This little park is a few miles out of town with the main access at 35461 Washington Loop Rd. It’s an access point for Shell Creek which is also our local water supply. It has a boat ramp with handicap … Continue reading

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American Bittern – Botaurus lentiginosus

Speaking of the Sora at Ollies Pond reminded me of another reclusive marsh dweller. The American Bittern is a bird of the heron family. It is about the size of the Little Green Heron but in a less distinctive plumage. … Continue reading

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Ollies Pond – Port Charlotte FL

Today, Oct 22 the Photo Adventure Camera Club that I belong to took a field trip to a 41 Acre Park in Port Charlotte FL. It’s called Ollies Pond and has about a 1 mile walk through it. I took … Continue reading

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Extreme Sports for Squirrels

Yesterday, I went to the Punta Gorda History Park to see what our local urban eagles were up to. The male must have been out hunting and the female was just sitting on a perch above the nest. I noticed … Continue reading

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White Ibis – Eudocimus albus

The White Ibis is an odd looking bird. It’s white body with a bright blue eye in a red face and bill makes it quite striking. The young start off as brown birds with a tan neck and face but … Continue reading

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Gulf Fritillary – Agraulis vanillae

The Gulf Fritillary is one of the most attractive butterflies here is SW Florida. It’s host plant is the passion fllower and they can bee seen everywhere that it grows, wild or cultivated. Despite it’s name, it isn’t unique to … Continue reading

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Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program (CHNEP) Calendar

Well, that’s a mouthful. Each year the CHNEP produces a calendar and asks local photographers to provide photographs for public voting and consideration. To be included, each photographer can submit up to 3 pictures from the Peace and Myakka River … Continue reading

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Great Blue Heron – Ardea herodias

The Great Blue Heron is always a favorite of photographers. It’s large, stately, graceful and stands still a lot. To a photographer this means that you don’t need an expensive super long telephoto lens or a particularly fast one. When … Continue reading

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Ladybugs – Coccinellidae

Ladybugs are small and benign. In fact, they are downright helpful to gardeners because they eat aphids and other sapsucking parasites. There are over 5000 species of them all around the world. But, they aren’t always the cute little orange … Continue reading

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