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Red Bellied Woodpecker – Gender differences

A dead palm tree on a vacant lot down the street has attracted a pair of Red-bellied Woodpeckers who have decided to nest there.  It may not be a good choice since the owners have just had a dock and … Continue reading

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Shooting action – New school

OK, even when I was shooting with the Crown Graphic, I envied the pro sports shooters with the motor drive to advance the film and someone elses money to pay for the developing. Now, every point and shoot will take … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Well, let’s have some fun with this one.  Last year I went to my local airshow and was shooting the US Navy Blue Angels precision flight team.  As usual, you get a lot that aren’t too good.  In this case, … Continue reading

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Killdeer – Charadrius vociferus

The Killdeer – Charadrius vociferus is a small plover that makes it’s nest on the ground.  It is an attractive little bird that I can find near ponds and meadows pretty easily.     If they happen to be nesting and you get … Continue reading

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History Park Owls flying now

The babies are pretty well grown up now.  They are flying well and moving about in the trees in the evening.  I haven’t seen any indication of them hunting on their own yet but, thats most likely just lack of … Continue reading

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Laughing Gull – Seasonal changes

The Laughing Gull – Larus atricilla – is a familiar bird on Florida shores.  Many of them winter here from the north and perhaps, our northern neighbors only see them with their familiar black head.  Down here in the winter … Continue reading

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U.S. Navy Blue Angels – Florida International Airshow

This year, I didn’t actually manage to get to the airshow on Saturday or Sunday.  Other commitments kept me away but, I did get a chance to see some of the flying acts on their Friday practice day and on … Continue reading

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A quick stop at the Venice Rookery

After a trip to Sarasota I was returning on US-41 and couldn’t resist a stop at the Venice Rookery.  There is still plenty of nesting activity with Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets and Cormorants and Anhingas strutting their stuff.  I … Continue reading

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Eye color patches in Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets

Today I got a great closeup shot of a great egret with the green coloration that shows up when mature adults are ready to mate.  The other day I got a shot of a Great Blue Heron in it’s blue … Continue reading

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Flying lessons

I took an internet friend to a couple of local bird locations to show him what the area was like.  We met at the Punta Gorda History Park to take a look at the Great Horned Owls which had taken over … Continue reading

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