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Nikon V1 and 70-300mm VR in the field

After some comments on various photo boards in regard to the Nikon V1, FT-1 and 70-300mm combination I decided to spend some time using it.  I headed up to the Celery Fields nature reserve in Sarasota County and stopped off … Continue reading

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Peace River or Peas River?

An interesting cross cultural homonym (well, almost). Punta Gorda lies on the shores of the Peace River.  That is the English translation of Rio de la Paz as the Spanish named it.  The indians had a name for it too.  … Continue reading

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Close encounter with a Yellow-crowned Night Heron

I started to walk out onto the boardwalk in Ponce de Leon park the other day.  Just as I stepped on it I saw a Yellow-crowned Night Heron on the railing looking intently into the mangroves.  I stopped and got … Continue reading

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Dragonflies and a foot with the V1 and 55-200mm combination

This is still one of my favorite shooting combinations for my morning walk.  I generally put the V1 with the FT-1 and Nikkor 55-200mm over my shoulder and carry the SB-N7 flash and a Raynox 150 achromat close-up lens in … Continue reading

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Magnolia and bedraggled bees

The Magnolias are in seed now.  Just one of the signs of a change of season in Florida.  In the summer we had the magnificent white blossoms which attracted so many bees.  Now, those blossoms have become seed pods.  The … Continue reading

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So, I added an avatar

and didn’t realize at the time that if was from a picture from a post in 2007 in regard to our local eagles.  That was in regard to their first nest.  It was destroyed in a windstorm and they moved … Continue reading

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