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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple II

A couple more shots on the purple theme. The first two are wildflowers found at the Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area in Punta Gorda FL.     The one on the left is a  Meadow Beauty and the one on the right … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Well, let’s have some fun with this one.  Last year I went to my local airshow and was shooting the US Navy Blue Angels precision flight team.  As usual, you get a lot that aren’t too good.  In this case, … Continue reading

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Green Lacewing (Chrysopidae) Eggs

Green Lacewings (Chrysopidae) are interesting little bugs.  They are generally green but, some can be brown as they get older.  The larvae eat aphids, as do some adults, but generally they eat pollen and liquids.  They are called Lacewings because their … Continue reading

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Inside the thistle

I already posted one image for the Inside challenge but, I think this one might qualify as well.  Instead of what is naturally inside, these are bugs which work their way inside thistles.  The bee is obvious, the brown bug … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

This picture was taken in Fredericksburg VA. It’s an old town and this shot was down a service corridor which opened into entrances to apartments subdivided from the large old building.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

This weeks topic is dreaming and the request was for long exposures.  But, I find rainy days the time for contemplation and daydreaming. This one was taken through a rainy kitchen window while visiting in Ireland. The soft focus here … Continue reading

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Nikon P7100 Picture Controls -Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Mono

The Nikon P7100 offers 4 picture modes which deal with how the jpeg image will be stored.  The default position is Standard and the manual recommends Neutral if you plan to process raw files.  Vivid makes the colors more intense … Continue reading

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P7100 JPEG Engine / Raw Conversion

A question was raised about the effectiveness of the P7100’s internal RAW conversion process or JPEG engine. Since I normally shoot RAW plus JPG Basic, I thought I would see the effect of the internal raw conversion vs. Nikon Capture … Continue reading

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Sunset tonight

Rainy season in SW Florida brings us beautiful, colorful sunsets.  Not much to say about them.  This one was taken near the Punta Gorda Boat Club in Gilchrist Park. Enjoy

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement II

I already entered this challenge when it was announced using a picture which showed movement through blur.  But, you can also show a picture of movement by showing objects which logically are in motion yet, the captured moment shows them … Continue reading

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