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A Hairstreak Butterfly

I found this fellow in the Punta Gorda History Park. It’s a Grey Hairstreak. These have a bit of a disguise. The ends of the wing have little extensions that flutter about in the breeze. It almost look like there … Continue reading

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Crablike Orb Weaver – Gasteracantha cancriformis

These are interesting little spiders because they look like a crab. Generally small they spin their geometric webs in the mangroves and wait for lunch to arrive. They generally sit in the middle of the web and I sometimes think … Continue reading

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Upate on the debris carrying bug

As I said, I posted the images of the bug which had disguised itself with debris. I posted it at as an ID request at 4:53PM and at 4:55PM there was a response with a link to similar imagesĀ and … Continue reading

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The Sea Grape – Coccoloba uvifera

Sea Grape is a common plant in Florida. We like it and it is as common as pinewoods and palmtrees. In Punta Gorda we even have an art gallery named after it. It can be grown as a tree or … Continue reading

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Long-legged Flies – Dolichopodidae

These flies are very, very common all over the world. There are about 7000 different species so, I have no idea which these particular flies are from. I do know that I see them often but they are difficult to … Continue reading

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Another morning walk to Ponce de Leon Park

The other morning, I took another walk to Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda. As usual, it was enjoyable not only for the exercise on a lovely morning but also for the things I see at the park and … Continue reading

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Playing peek-a-boo with a Mangrove Crab

Mangrove Tree Crabs ( Aratus pisonii ) are cute little things. The local fishermen use them as bait and the Night Herons love them as snacks. I find them climbing in the mangroves along the nature walk in Ponce De … Continue reading

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V1 closeups with the Leitz ELPRO achromat lenses

I’ve mentioned using the Leitz ELPRO achromats with the V1 for some of the closeups below. I generally just put one on the lens I had on and let the subject guide the image. I wasn’t really worried about absolute … Continue reading

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Some White Bird Pictures

There are a lot of white birds around the florida coast and into the flatwoods. From a distance many look alike but, they aren’t too hard to tell apart with some knowledge of their characteristics. There are so many of … Continue reading

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One last action post

The Nikon V1 has an electronic shutter as well as a mechanical shutter. Some electronic shutters have problems at higher shutter speeds and moving subjects. They cause some distortion called a ‘rolling shutter effect’. Today, I was out looking for … Continue reading

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