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Catch and Release – Great Blue Heron Style

I went out for an afternoon walk yesterday.  I took my Nikon V2 and 70-300mm CX along just-in-case because hot afternoons are usually slow times for nature shooting.  But, I was wrong.  When I crossed the last bridge towards Ponce … Continue reading

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Another morning walk to Ponce de Leon Park

The other morning, I took another walk to Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda. As usual, it was enjoyable not only for the exercise on a lovely morning but also for the things I see at the park and … Continue reading

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Some White Bird Pictures

There are a lot of white birds around the florida coast and into the flatwoods. From a distance many look alike but, they aren’t too hard to tell apart with some knowledge of their characteristics. There are so many of … Continue reading

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White Ibis – Eudocimus albus

The White Ibis is an odd looking bird. It’s white body with a bright blue eye in a red face and bill makes it quite striking. The young start off as brown birds with a tan neck and face but … Continue reading

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