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Lee County Nature – Prairie Pines Preserve

Whenever we go to Fort Myers for some reason I notice a sign for the Prairie Pines Preserve on the north side of town just past Del Prado Blvd.  I never had the time to stop off so decided to … Continue reading

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Magnolia and bedraggled bees

The Magnolias are in seed now.  Just one of the signs of a change of season in Florida.  In the summer we had the magnificent white blossoms which attracted so many bees.  Now, those blossoms have become seed pods.  The … Continue reading

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A few more from the Magnolia

I thought I would add a couple of more shots of the bees working on the Magnolia blossom. I found a blossom that was still at the cup phase and took a shot to show what it was like before … Continue reading

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Bee happy, the magnolias are in bloom

Every year our magnolia trees bloom and it’s a feast for the bees. They are actually gathering pollen instead of nectar. The magnolia blossom first starts as a closed cup filled with fragrance. That draws the bees to it immediately … Continue reading

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Inside the thistle

I already posted one image for the Inside challenge but, I think this one might qualify as well.  Instead of what is naturally inside, these are bugs which work their way inside thistles.  The bee is obvious, the brown bug … Continue reading

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Hathaway Park – West entrance, Punta Gorda FL

This little park is a few miles out of town with the main access at 35461 Washington Loop Rd. It’s an access point for Shell Creek which is also our local water supply. It has a boat ramp with handicap … Continue reading

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