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Punta Gordas Urban Eagles

We have a pair of eagles who decided that they liked living here. They’ve shown up at their nest again but haven’t taken up housekeeping yet. They generally live here in the fall through the spring. Once they young are … Continue reading

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Long-legged Flies – Dolichopodidae

These are really tiny flies. Most not more than 1/16 of an inch (1.5mm) they are brightly colored but, so small that most people don’t notice them. They are good to have around swampy areas like SW Florida because they … Continue reading

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Green Heron – Butorides virescens

The Green Heron is an interesting little bird. It is the smallest heron in Florida and nicely colored. They are solitary feeders and their coloration blends into reeds and foliage so well that they can be difficult to see at … Continue reading

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Ceraunus Blue – Hemiargus ceraunus

This is the Ceraunus Blue. It is a small butterfly that is limited to the south. Normally, it looks a dull brown as it usually lands with it’s wings folded above it’s back. In the early mornings though, it sometimes … Continue reading

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