Spider webs and other things they do with silk

Everyone knows the iconic image of an orb weaver spiders web. Like this one from a golden silk orb weaver.

But not all spiders spin webs like that. For example, here is a jumping spider I found this morning. It doesn’t use a web at all except for nesting. It just jumps it’s prey and bites. On the right is a Green Lynx spider. It spins an anchor line when it jumps it’s prey but it doesn’t spin a web. It’s green color makes it hard to see in foliage but, this one decided to catch a few rays.
DSC_9381acr107 DSC_9432acr107
Another use for silk is to create a nest. Here is a leaf bending spider which has tied a couple of leaves together and hidden itself inside. I managed to tease it out for a less obscured shot.
DSC_9413acr107 DSC_9424acr107
Finally, an orchard spider which has spun a chaotic mess of a web and a really tiny crab spider which attack flying insects.
DSC_9466acr107 DSC_9454acr107
The first picture here was taken with my old Nikon D50 and 70-200mm VR zoom with a TC-17E II teleconverter. All the others were taken today with the Nikon V1, 30-110mm zoom and a Leitz ELPRO VI closeup lens.


About birds n' bugs

Retired, living in SW Florida and spending my time at nature photography in my local area. I volunteer with a couple of local organizations to help my adopted home town. Travelling is now by airplane and car instead of a sailboat but happy anyway.
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3 Responses to Spider webs and other things they do with silk

  1. chatou11 says:

    Wow, as I love spiders, I’am happy!! First one is great and I like the colours of the orchad spider..
    These tiny crab spiders are serial killers..
    nice week end to you

  2. xmegatron says:

    My favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite spider is the (NOBLE FALSE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER) especially the males they defend their territory extremely extremely extremely extremely well . I have a QUESTION who wins in a territorial fight a male (NOBLE FALSE BLACK WIDOW👑) or a male {orchard spider}

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