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Playing peek-a-boo with a Mangrove Crab

Mangrove Tree Crabs ( Aratus pisonii ) are cute little things. The local fishermen use them as bait and the Night Herons love them as snacks. I find them climbing in the mangroves along the nature walk in Ponce De … Continue reading

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V1 closeups with the Leitz ELPRO achromat lenses

I’ve mentioned using the Leitz ELPRO achromats with the V1 for some of the closeups below. I generally just put one on the lens I had on and let the subject guide the image. I wasn’t really worried about absolute … Continue reading

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A few more from the Magnolia

I thought I would add a couple of more shots of the bees working on the Magnolia blossom. I found a blossom that was still at the cup phase and took a shot to show what it was like before … Continue reading

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Bee happy, the magnolias are in bloom

Every year our magnolia trees bloom and it’s a feast for the bees. They are actually gathering pollen instead of nectar. The magnolia blossom first starts as a closed cup filled with fragrance. That draws the bees to it immediately … Continue reading

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Some close ups with the Nikon 1 V1 and some old, old friends

There is no dedicated macro lens for the Nikon 1 system to date. I have tried the 105mm f2.8 VR Micro-Nikkor with the FT-1 adapter. This was successful but, it does not use the normal operation of the V1. I … Continue reading

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