U.S. Navy Blue Angels – Florida International Airshow

This year, I didn’t actually manage to get to the airshow on Saturday or Sunday.  Other commitments kept me away but, I did get a chance to see some of the flying acts on their Friday practice day and on Sunday late in the day.  I didn’t like missing the static displays and I never did catch the B-29 Fifi in flight as I wished but, it was still fun to watch the performances from a distance.  I did manage to catch the diamond formation in some dramatic light though.

One benefit of being off the flightline is that you can get some somewhat unconventional views of the aircraft as the form up.  For example, the Blues are famous for some of their inverted flight routines.  I managed to catch this one as a sequence as they flew in, inverted and continued down the runway.

You also see some of the formation breaks that occur out of the view of the general attendees like this one where the formation of all six breaks out to go to the individual and four aircraft routines.

And here are a couple of other incidental shots of the Blue Angels.  As usual, just click for a larger view.



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