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A discovery

I almost always shoot in raw and have experimented with HDR processing on the computer.  I’ve never really like the results I got.  It always looked too artificial and the developers seemed to create a look I didn’t like.  I … Continue reading

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Just a walk around the house

Spring is coming to Florida.  Maybe some folks don’t see the changes in seasons but they are as real here as anywhere else.  For example, one part of my yard now smells like orange blossoms.  The blooms are here and … Continue reading

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Note to self: Spend more time looking.

Last week, we went to Orlando to see Cirque de Soleil.  Sorry, photography not permitted so you won’t see anything from that fabulous show. But, I did look out my hotel window and see the usual highly reflective building and … Continue reading

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Golden Dawn – Webb Lake Florida

Just south of Punta Gorda is the Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management area.  Quite a while ago I went out to shoot the mist off of the marl ponds and Webb Lake.  I had processed a few of those shots as Misty … Continue reading

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Afraid of heights?

Another trip to see if the last of the pair of Great Blue Herons had left the nest.  ‘Chicken’ was quite active but still couldn’t make the change from nestling to full flight.  I watched it for about 20 minutes … Continue reading

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Nikon V1 and 70-300mm VR in the field

After some comments on various photo boards in regard to the Nikon V1, FT-1 and 70-300mm combination I decided to spend some time using it.  I headed up to the Celery Fields nature reserve in Sarasota County and stopped off … Continue reading

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Dragonflies and a foot with the V1 and 55-200mm combination

This is still one of my favorite shooting combinations for my morning walk.  I generally put the V1 with the FT-1 and Nikkor 55-200mm over my shoulder and carry the SB-N7 flash and a Raynox 150 achromat close-up lens in … Continue reading

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