Yellow Crowned Night Heron – playing peekaboo again

There is a black olive tree on one of my morning walk routes that had two Yellow Crowned Night Heron nests in it. We had a pretty hefty windstorm the other day so I went that way to check on things. It’s hard to see the nests because the black olive is a tree with very dense foliage. You can see the Heron looking at you as you try to find a way to get a shot as the breeze moves the leaves. You can almost always find the eye peeking at you. Here are a couple of shots of how I manage to see them now. Once the eggs are hatched though there will be a lot more activity around the nest as they feed the young so I hope get better shots.
DSC_4319acr107h DSC_8557acr107


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Retired, living in SW Florida and spending my time at nature photography in my local area. I volunteer with a couple of local organizations to help my adopted home town. Travelling is now by airplane and car instead of a sailboat but happy anyway.
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  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Good eye to spot the Y-c Night Heron in that tree and great pics!

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