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Nikon V1 with the Nikkor 55-200mm VR kit lens

The Nikkor 55-200mm VR is a common kit zoom for the DSLR range. I tried one on my Nikon V1 using the FT-1 adapter. I had previously tried other AF-S lenses but felt that they were cumbersome and the requirement … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green II

One of my favorite greens in nature is the Green Heron- Butorides virescens.  It is a small heron which makes its way around the marshes.  I sometimes see them on my dock but they are most at home in the … Continue reading

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Yet another trip to Ponce de Leon park

Sorry, I really want to hit some other places but, demands of the season mean quick local trips for my morning walk.  There are a few other areas of Babcock-Webb that I want to introduce you to but, they’ll have … Continue reading

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Green Heron – Butorides virescens – Right in my own back yard

I usually go out to the local parks and rural areas to find my birds and bugs. Today was a lot easier though. I noticed gulls feeding on a lot of small fish drifting in schools through the canal behind … Continue reading

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Green Heron – Butorides virescens

The Green Heron is an interesting little bird. It is the smallest heron in Florida and nicely colored. They are solitary feeders and their coloration blends into reeds and foliage so well that they can be difficult to see at … Continue reading

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