Not a good day for an Airshow

This weekend is the Florida International Airshow at the Punta Gorda Airport (KPGD).  Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been very cooperative.  I did get a few shots of the T6 team flying around on Thursday.  On Friday, I went over to the industrial area at the end of the runway to see what I could get.  It was a pretty grey day but I stuck around anyway and managed a few shots.  It’s tough to get anything really good on a dull day.  I was fortunate that I took the time though.  Saturday has been a fairly steady rain and I doubt that a lot of flying was going on.  Still, the show is on tomorrow so I might get a chance to go.

Here are a few shots from the last couple of days.

DSC_0153cf107 DSC_0143acf107 DSC_0136cf107

The T-6 flyers had a variety of livery from all branches of the service that had used this aircraft as a trainer.  The yellow one at the top here is actually a T-16 which is what the Canadians called it when it was built under license.

Another trainer flight team is Lima Lima and they fly their formations in the T34 Mentor.


The theme of the airshow was a salute to veterans.  I didn’t see the usual flyby of a modern jet fighter with the old warbirds but, they did have an all warbird formation.


The B25 ‘Panchito’ led the flight with an F7U Corsair and P51 Mustang on the wing and a Douglas SBD in the slot.

We also Had the B17 ‘Texas Raider’ at the show offering flights.  I managed to get one as it took off just before the show.


And, of course, we had the stars of the show, the USAF Thunderbirds.


I’ll probably head to the show tomorrow if the weather holds off to see the static displays and shoot from the flightline.


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1 Response to Not a good day for an Airshow

  1. jmm301 says:

    It is a good show, however our last visit was a disaster…we spent 3 hrs trying to get out of the field we parked in….not again!

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