Heavy Metal Jet Team – Florida International Airshow

After seeing the Heavy Metal Jet Team on Friday, I was interested in seeing their show from the viewing area.  They’re an excellent precision flight team.  I particularly liked the rolls over the smoke trail of the diamond at the end of the routine.  In this shot, they are close enough to look like L39 biplanes.

Their formation work and timing on split maneuvers were excellent as well.


I did notice one flaw in the narration though.  The lady told us that the L39 was flown by the Libyan Air Force.  Not so much right now, I would guess.

I really liked the show but, the L39 doesn’t seem to allow the sort of quick transitions of the service precision teams.  I realize it takes a lot to do those sorts of shows but, I really missed the sight and sound of F16s or F18s ripping the sky apart.  So, with no disrespect to the Heavy Metal Jet Team, I really kinda miss these guys.


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